A Sunday to cherish!

Jai Maa Ambe! It was a very special Sunday at your favourite temple. We had seers from Devkuba Ashram at Rajkot in Rajasthan visiting us in the afternoon.The special guests were Shri Rushi Bapu and Vishveshwari Mataji. Creating infectious enthusiasm and happiness around were beautiful, little girls performing traditional dance moves. They were trained by dancer Shobithaben Balaji. Some little ones sang a bhajan invoking Lord Shiva and Lord Ganapathi. Guest singers Ravibhai Sharma, Vasantbhai, Dineshbhai & Rituben Bhourlay created a spiritual ambience with their soothing bhajans. Rituben and Chairman Jaswantbhai Maicha can be spotted distributing prizes to our little entertainers. The ones seen in the pics below being awarded prizes are Madhu, Sahana, Amrutha, Smrithi, Taranika and Harithra. Delicious mahaprasad followed the soul-uplifting Sunday Special aarti. Jai Mataji!!!

The winner takes it all!!!

Once again, volunteers from your favourite temple have figured among awardees from Hillingdon Borough for 2014. The privileged ones are our temple manager, Sanjivbhai Shukla, singer and drummer during auspicious occasions, Rituben Bhourlay, and religious worker, Drupenbhai Patel. They were conferred the `Something to be proud of’ award on Tuesday night at Uxbridge College.
This is an annual award presented to outstanding volunteers working within Hillingdon. It may be recalled that we won four such awards in 2013.
This is an initiative by the Hillingdon Association of Voluntary Services, The London Borough of Hillingdon, Hillingdon Interfaith Network, Uxbridge College and Dovetail Community Outreach. This year, British Airways has joined the venture as a sponsor.
It is with great pride that we congratulate our three winners this year on their achievement. Well done! Double congrats to Sanjivbhai Shukla as he is receiving the award for the second consecutive year. Best wishes to the trio and each of you devotees for your sterling service for Mataji.

Most of pics published were shot by Mike Gettleson. Jai Maa Ambe!

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Mata Ki Chowki at temple for b’day

Jai Mataji!!! Divine fervour marked Mata Ki Chowki at your favourite temple this Sunday. To mark son Shivam’s birthday, parents Rajeevbhai and Babitaben Kapila chose to celebrate the occasion in this spiritual fashion.

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The miniature Mataji, the cynosure of all eyes, radiated beauty and calm. Singers Buddhadevbhai & Sumitraben Kansara and Pareshbhai Lodhia with a few visiting singers ensured a lively afternoon for all with their soothing bhajans and musical play. There was commendable participation from devotees of all ages. The heavenly Sunday special aarti was a truly significant experience. The day ended with delicious Mahaprasad. On behalf of the temple, we wish Master Shivam a very happy bday once again. Jai Maa Ambe!!!

Sprightly celebrations mark Mataji temple b’day & Sharad Purnima

Jai Mataji!!! Your favourite temple’s 7th birthday and `Sharad Purnima’ celebrations were observed in a spirited as well as spiritually enriching atmosphere on Wednesday night inside our premises.

Ambe Maa was the cynosure of all eyes and looked angelic in her dazzling saree.

A poignant moment was the installation of a framed photo of late Mrs Gulaben Ganji Maicha, who sowed the seeds for the `Navratri Garba’ charity. This had been a long-felt desire of her daughter and our temple Trustee, Shardaben Lodhia (also the sibling of our Chairman Jaswantbhai Lodhia).

This charity which runs the temple, organised the the nine-day Navratri festival at Mrs Gulaben Maicha’s residence in Southall, which had crowds flocking to take part in the festivities and pray. Forty-eight years down the line, the tradition is continued by the next generation with the Navratri fest taking place inside your temple premises on Cowley Road for the last 6 years. A huge cake was ordered for the occasion.

With most devotees clad in white, the get-together felt like a meeting of angels.

The VIP invitees were Chief Inspector Mr Rob Wilson, Chief Commander Mr Nick Downing, Sargeant PC Mr Hines, PC Mr Fowles and PC Mr Nooruddin. They had a ball of a time taking part in Dandia Raas after learning to handle the Dandia sticks.

They were taking part on the most exciting day of dance at the temple as the regular annual competition for the event was on in full swing. The cops  were later felicitated by temple authorities.

Prizes were distributed to the winners of the Dandia competition, a cut-throat competition every year among all the devotees, the ladies particularly!

The backbone of all our events, our regular singers and musicians, were also recognised for their contribution. Volunteers, who are a vital part of the temple’s functioning throughout the year, were also honoured.

Jai Maa Ambe!!!

Grand Durga Ashtami havan performed



Today being the 8th day of Navratri,  the powerful Durga Ashtami havan was performed at Adhyashakti Mataji temple. The havan  began at 10 a.m. inside the temple compound.

Intense pujas and recitation of slokas were performed by our dharmakata Rajnibhai Dixit and priest Sukumarji in front of a mini-Mataji statue, specially decked up for the havan. Chairman Jaswantbhai Maicha, attired in his special puja robe, provided all assistance.

The Main yajman for the Chandipath havan was Mahendrabhai Ghosai. The second yajman was Manishaben Bosamia.

The havan was followed by Faria Mahaprasad at 12.30 p.m. The lunch consisted of fasting food prepared deliciously by our star chef Subhash Ganatra and team.

Devotees, who had come in large numbers, relished the Farari Chevdo, potato curry, raw banana curry and Shrikand.

The haavan continued and concluded with Maha Aarti at 3 p.m.

Jai Maa Durga!!!

Flair & colour marks 6th Navratri night


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The sixth night of Navratri was marked by energetic dancing and singing at Adhyashakti Mataji temple on Tuesday.

The night was dedicated to the worship of Goddess Kathyayini, an embodiment of Goddess Durga.  This avatar is depicted as seated on a lion, has three eyes and four hands.

And now back to the dancing bit..,iust when we were wondering about the poor participation of men in Dandiya Raas the last few days, they made their presence with a bang tonight taking part in a good number and with loads of enthusiasm. The energetic participation of the stick-wielding ladies too created a very vibrant atmosphere inside the main hall.

Decked in gorgeous, mirror-pocked sarees and embroidered cholis, the ladies managed a delightful, synchronised performance during the Garba dancing.  The presence of such high energy levels after day-long fasting by most devotees is truly incredible.

Though repetitions are tedious, this compliment needs to be mentioned again: our temple regular singers and musicians  – Sumitraben Kansara, Buddhevbhai Kansara, Pareshbhai Lodhai, Manubhai Kotak – managed yet another sterling performance, contributing hugely to the success of the dancers. They were wonderfully assisted by Vishalbhai on the dhol, Rekhaben and Shaileshbhai. As has been the practice during each Navrtri, Accordion player Rajbhai enthralls us with his excellent play.

Tonight’s sponsors were Shashibhai and Hasuben Sohelia.

Worship of Maa Kathyayini is supposed to drive away all troubles and sufferings of devotees.  Here’s wishing away goodbye to all your troubles.

Jai Maa Ambe!!!

Spiritual ecstasy at Mataji temple

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The third night of Navratri 2014 at Adhyashakti Mataji temple turned out to be a cherishable one truly. A jam-packed hall, very special guests and competitive Dandia and Garba dancing marked the celebrations.

Our Chief guest, Councillor Mr Roy Chamdal, who sits on Hillingdon Council’s Planning and Licencing Committee, enlivened the night with a lively talk which went down very well with the audience. He was accompanied by his wife Mrs Rita Chamdal who took part in the aarti ritual, Garba dance and Dandia with much enthusiasm.

The VIPs were honoured by Temple General Secretary Mamtaben Nagda and Trustee Shardaben Lodhia while Chairman Jaswantbhai Maicha introduced the couple to the audience.

The festival, held to mark the triumph of good over evil, is observed by fasting throughout the Navratri period by most devotees. This is the 48th year our `Navratri Garba’ charity is organising Navratri celebrations and the 6th consecutive one at this relocated venue. Each night is dedicated to one particular form of the Goddess. The third night was dedicated to Chandraghanta form, a  symbolic representation of beauty and bravery.

The weekend witnessed huge participation from Mataji’s devotees for the get-together. It goes without saying that our regular singers and musicians (including the irrepressible Rekhaben) were in roaring form throughout and kept the dancers on their toes.

Tonight’s sponsors were Trilockbhai Domah and Chandanee ben Domah.

The religious fervour generated all around, enthusiastic dancing by the devotees and soul-uplifting bhajans made it a remarkable spiritual experience for all visitors.

Jai Mataji!!!

Rollicking start marks Navratri 2014

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The hugely auspicious Navratri Garba (nine-night festival) 2014 got off to a high-spirited start inside the Adhya Shakti Mataji temple at Uxbridge in Greater London on Thursday.

This is the sixth successive Navratri celebration taking place in this relocated venue at Cowley Road.

First things first! Goddess Ambe Mataji was looking super gorgeous in a lovely green saree. Her face radiated peace and had an extra deligtful look. Those lucky to be in Her presence during the opening night of this grand function can feel truly blessed. Devotees, particularly the ladies, came in their traditional best attire, creating a wonderful festive atmosphere inside the main hall.

The central theme of the festival is the triumph of good over evil. Navratri Garba is dedicated to Goddess Durga, revered as the Mother Goddess. Her nine appellations – Shailaputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraganta, Kushmanda, Skanda Mata, Katyayini, Kaal Raatri, Mahagowri and Siddidhatri – are celebrated on each of the nights.

Our regular singers and musicians, Buddhdevbhai Kansara, Sumitraben Kansara and Pareshbhai Lodhia were in sterling form throughout with their lovely bhajans and instrumental play.  Shaileshbhai joined the musical party while Drupenbhai Patel seemed to have got a hang of the drums this year.

Ladies of all ages and a few young men took part enthusiastically in the Dandiya Raas.  Rekhaben with her characteristic enthusiasm and lovely, booming, voice ensured no one relaxed during the rythmic Garba dance.

And when the special Navratri aarti took place, you could be sure everyone around experienced the enhanced spiritual mood prevalent all evening.

Jai Maa Ambe!!!


Akhand Jyoti at your favourite temple



akand joythi final edited

A highly auspicious event has taken place at Adhya Shakti Mataji temple, Uxbridge. The Akhand Jyoti, which will burn 24 hours a day for 365 days of the year, has now been lit in front of Mataji.

Any worshipper gains happiness and prosperity by praying in front of the Jyoti. The jyoti enlightens the human mind and enhances concentration.

Japa done in front of Akhand Jyoti is considered a thousand times more effective than that done in front of the usual lamp lit. It represents unshakeable faith in your Isht Deva. In Sukand Puran, it is mentioned that the light from Akhand Jyoti is better than the light emanated from sun, fire and the moon.

Jai Mataji!!!