Increase positivity within yourself

Shastri Dr. Ramachandra A. Patil delivering a talk at Adhya Shakti Mataji temple in Uxbridge.  
 It is really important to eat and sleep at the right time and dress well as all these factors create positivity around, stressed Shastri Dr Ramachandra A. Patil today.

Speaking before the Sunday Aarti (on March 23) programme at Adhya Shakti Mataji temple at Cowley Station Road in Uxbridge,  Mr Patil said that these aspects contribute to longevity of life. It is also vital that one stays stress-free to live longer. Regular walks can play a big role in reducing stress, he stated. 

Stressing on the need to fill oneself with positivity, the priest said that metals like gold, silver or copper help in inducing positive energy in one’s body.  Eating out of utensils made of these metals help in injecting positivity into your body, he added.