An afternoon to cherish

Musical delight

Sunday afternoon turned out to be a memorable one for devotees at Adhya Shakti Mataji temple at Uxbridge, thanks to our guest singers and their soul-stirring performances. The audience were transported to spiritual highs and enthusiastically took part in the chorus recitations.

Our favourites, Mr Raaj Gambhir and Ms Arti Dinesh Lambani,  provided spiritual nourishment to the devotees with their carefully-selected songs. Councillor, Mr Bhagwanji Chohan, also a terrific tabla player was electrifying on the musical instrument. They were ably assisted by our regular singers, Mr Manu Kotak, Mrs Sumitra Kansara and Mr Buddhdev Kansara. Of course, by the end, everyone wanted more of it all.

Earlier, our temple trustees, Mrs Sharda Lodhia , Mr Paresh Lodhi and the temple Dharmaguru, Mr Rajni Dixit, honoured our chief guests.

The musical treat was followed by aarti to Mataji.  Devotees partook of delicious Mahaprasad later.Image


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