Another spiritually uplifting `Mata Ki Chonki’ event

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Jai Mataji!!!
Yet another grand `Mata Ki Chonki’ function took place at Adhya Shakti Mataji temple today. A beautifully decked small Mataji stole hearts with her radiance. The revered Shastriji Mukundbhai Dave and his recitation of the `Hanuman Chalisa’ enhanced the spiritual vibes in Mataji’s hall. Our regular bhajan singers as well as visiting musicians created a divine mood with carefully chosen bhajans and rythmic drum beats. We also had enthusiastic participation from a very special singer today, Hillingdon Councillor Kuldeepben Lakshmana. The ladies appear to have enjoyed the most by taking part in Dandia and Bhangra dancing with much gusto. The Sunday special aarti definitely spread peace and happiness in the minds and hearts of devotees. The icing on the cake was the delicious Mahaprasad served at the end of the evening.

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