Akhand Jyoti at your favourite temple



akand joythi final edited

A highly auspicious event has taken place at Adhya Shakti Mataji temple, Uxbridge. The Akhand Jyoti, which will burn 24 hours a day for 365 days of the year, has now been lit in front of Mataji.

Any worshipper gains happiness and prosperity by praying in front of the Jyoti. The jyoti enlightens the human mind and enhances concentration.

Japa done in front of Akhand Jyoti is considered a thousand times more effective than that done in front of the usual lamp lit. It represents unshakeable faith in your Isht Deva. In Sukand Puran, it is mentioned that the light from Akhand Jyoti is better than the light emanated from sun, fire and the moon.

Jai Mataji!!!


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