Flair & colour marks 6th Navratri night


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The sixth night of Navratri was marked by energetic dancing and singing at Adhyashakti Mataji temple on Tuesday.

The night was dedicated to the worship of Goddess Kathyayini, an embodiment of Goddess Durga.  This avatar is depicted as seated on a lion, has three eyes and four hands.

And now back to the dancing bit..,iust when we were wondering about the poor participation of men in Dandiya Raas the last few days, they made their presence with a bang tonight taking part in a good number and with loads of enthusiasm. The energetic participation of the stick-wielding ladies too created a very vibrant atmosphere inside the main hall.

Decked in gorgeous, mirror-pocked sarees and embroidered cholis, the ladies managed a delightful, synchronised performance during the Garba dancing.  The presence of such high energy levels after day-long fasting by most devotees is truly incredible.

Though repetitions are tedious, this compliment needs to be mentioned again: our temple regular singers and musicians  – Sumitraben Kansara, Buddhevbhai Kansara, Pareshbhai Lodhai, Manubhai Kotak – managed yet another sterling performance, contributing hugely to the success of the dancers. They were wonderfully assisted by Vishalbhai on the dhol, Rekhaben and Shaileshbhai. As has been the practice during each Navrtri, Accordion player Rajbhai enthralls us with his excellent play.

Tonight’s sponsors were Shashibhai and Hasuben Sohelia.

Worship of Maa Kathyayini is supposed to drive away all troubles and sufferings of devotees.  Here’s wishing away goodbye to all your troubles.

Jai Maa Ambe!!!

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