Sprightly celebrations mark Mataji temple b’day & Sharad Purnima

Jai Mataji!!! Your favourite temple’s 7th birthday and `Sharad Purnima’ celebrations were observed in a spirited as well as spiritually enriching atmosphere on Wednesday night inside our premises.

Ambe Maa was the cynosure of all eyes and looked angelic in her dazzling saree.

A poignant moment was the installation of a framed photo of late Mrs Gulaben Ganji Maicha, who sowed the seeds for the `Navratri Garba’ charity. This had been a long-felt desire of her daughter and our temple Trustee, Shardaben Lodhia (also the sibling of our Chairman Jaswantbhai Lodhia).

This charity which runs the temple, organised the the nine-day Navratri festival at Mrs Gulaben Maicha’s residence in Southall, which had crowds flocking to take part in the festivities and pray. Forty-eight years down the line, the tradition is continued by the next generation with the Navratri fest taking place inside your temple premises on Cowley Road for the last 6 years. A huge cake was ordered for the occasion.

With most devotees clad in white, the get-together felt like a meeting of angels.

The VIP invitees were Chief Inspector Mr Rob Wilson, Chief Commander Mr Nick Downing, Sargeant PC Mr Hines, PC Mr Fowles and PC Mr Nooruddin. They had a ball of a time taking part in Dandia Raas after learning to handle the Dandia sticks.

They were taking part on the most exciting day of dance at the temple as the regular annual competition for the event was on in full swing. The cops  were later felicitated by temple authorities.

Prizes were distributed to the winners of the Dandia competition, a cut-throat competition every year among all the devotees, the ladies particularly!

The backbone of all our events, our regular singers and musicians, were also recognised for their contribution. Volunteers, who are a vital part of the temple’s functioning throughout the year, were also honoured.

Jai Maa Ambe!!!

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