Another spiritually uplifting `Mata Ki Chonki’ event

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Jai Mataji!!!
Yet another grand `Mata Ki Chonki’ function took place at Adhya Shakti Mataji temple today. A beautifully decked small Mataji stole hearts with her radiance. The revered Shastriji Mukundbhai Dave and his recitation of the `Hanuman Chalisa’ enhanced the spiritual vibes in Mataji’s hall. Our regular bhajan singers as well as visiting musicians created a divine mood with carefully chosen bhajans and rythmic drum beats. We also had enthusiastic participation from a very special singer today, Hillingdon Councillor Kuldeepben Lakshmana. The ladies appear to have enjoyed the most by taking part in Dandia and Bhangra dancing with much gusto. The Sunday special aarti definitely spread peace and happiness in the minds and hearts of devotees. The icing on the cake was the delicious Mahaprasad served at the end of the evening.

Unforgettable entertainment!!!

It was a jolly Sunday filled with music, a bit of dancing, mouthwatering eatables and surprise gifts during the musical evening, `Golden Oldies’, organised by Adhya Shakti Mataji temple at Ashoka restaurant in Hounslow.

Popular yesteryear Bollywood actor, Mr Deepak Parasher, was our surprise VIP invitee. The actor who starred in `Nikaah’, Purani Haveli’, `Aap to Aisa Na They’, `Sharaabi’ and ‘Insaaf Ka Tarasu’ delivered a talk about the temple and appealed for donations for upcoming temple renovation work. The audience enjoyed having him around and many were jostling to take snaps with the actor.

Mr Raaj Gambhir and Ms Chaaya took the audience down nostalgia lane by belting out popular duets including `Chura liya hai’ and `Aaj Kal Tere mere pyar ke’. Of course, our regular singer, Mr Buddhev Kansara was in full flow in his attractive kurta for the occasion. Ms Aarti too pitched in with a song. Solo songs, including a mix of religious and romantic ones, were relished by the packed gathering. `Shirdi Waale Sai Baba’ `Baar baar Dekho, Hazaar baar Dekho’, `Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ and `Dum Maro Dam’ were among those which set the stage afire.

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The raffle game was absolute fun and a big hit with the crowd. Numbers of all tickets that were sold for the evening were shuffled and distinguished guests were invited to pick out lucky winners. The fortunate ones got to select among the lovely prizes displayed.

A mood of excitement took hold of the gathering whenever General Secretary, Ms Mamta Nagda, who took charge of the proceedings, goaded one of the distinguished guests to pick up a lucky ticket winner.

Temple Chairman, Mr Jaswant Maicha, appealed for donations for the temple which resulted in a substantial sum being mobilised during the event.  He billed the event, “a huge success.”

Delicacies like the Canapes, Dhokra, Aloo Chat Papadi and Pakoras were relished by the visitors.

Students day out at Mataji temple

It was a unique and unforgettable Wednesday afternoon for students of St Andrews School at Adhya Shakti Mataji temple. They were in Mataji’s presence to gain a bit of exposure to Hindu religion and culture as well as visit the temple.
Temple authorities and volunteers welcomed the group with attractive garlands and offered them sweets. Mataji’s stunning looks and colourful attire did enthrall them for quite some time. Our little guests made very good use of the opportunity provided. They played the Manjira, performed a few basic yoga postures and gleefully took part in garba dancing. Father Steve Hardwicke from St Lawrence Church, Cowley, delivered a talk.
Our regular bhajan singers, Buddhevbhai Kansara and Sumitraben Kansara, sang delightful bhajans for the audience. They were ably supported on the tabla by Shri Bhagwan Chouhan, Councillor for Alperton ward.
Apart from Mr Chouhan, we had another special guest, Shankarji Dahal, who represented the Nepalese community. Temple Chairman Jaswantbhai Maicha and General Secretary Mamtaben Nagda were present on the occasion.
Jai Mataji!!!

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Spiritually charged day at your favourite temple

Jai Maa Ambe!!!
It was a joyful and spiritually charged atmosphere at your favourite temple this Sunday. Here is a quick visual tour of the day that unfolded in Mataji’s home.
We had another beautiful Mataji watching over us all due to the `Mata Ki Chowki’ ceremony under way (Top left). The afternoon began with Shri Lajja Ram Manoj’s third consecutive pravachan of the `Bhagavad Gita’, once again well received by the gathering. 

Chowki sponsors, Paramjitbhai Bansal and Amritben Chana, offering pujas to a miniature Mataji in the presence of our senior priest, Rajnibhai Dixit (Right, Top pic).  Bhajans, soothing and booming ones, echoed around the hall, electrifying the place. Rituben Bhourlay, Bhartiben and our very own Kiranben set the stage on fire with their mellifluous voices (Left, bottom pic)

Hillingdon Councillor, Ms Kuldeep Lakhmana, accompanied by her mother, Ms Harbhajan Kaur Dosajh, graced the occasion (Right, middle). Our lovely elderly devotees, Shantilalbhai Sodha & Pushpaben, are among the devotees thoroughly relishing food on offer (Right, bottom).

An afternoon to cherish

Musical delight

Sunday afternoon turned out to be a memorable one for devotees at Adhya Shakti Mataji temple at Uxbridge, thanks to our guest singers and their soul-stirring performances. The audience were transported to spiritual highs and enthusiastically took part in the chorus recitations.

Our favourites, Mr Raaj Gambhir and Ms Arti Dinesh Lambani,  provided spiritual nourishment to the devotees with their carefully-selected songs. Councillor, Mr Bhagwanji Chohan, also a terrific tabla player was electrifying on the musical instrument. They were ably assisted by our regular singers, Mr Manu Kotak, Mrs Sumitra Kansara and Mr Buddhdev Kansara. Of course, by the end, everyone wanted more of it all.

Earlier, our temple trustees, Mrs Sharda Lodhia , Mr Paresh Lodhi and the temple Dharmaguru, Mr Rajni Dixit, honoured our chief guests.

The musical treat was followed by aarti to Mataji.  Devotees partook of delicious Mahaprasad later.Image